How to Get Approved - Bad Credit Loan

Do you have bad credit? I mean down right destroyed credit. Do you need a loan to fix your credit, get a car, or any other reason in the world? Are you sick of being told no by everyone you ask?

I am here to tell you how to get approved for a bad credit loan. There are 3 major steps to getting a loan with bad credit. These steps will help you get set up for the loan you need and will help your credit also.

First, you need to obtain a copy of your credit report. You can get one each year for free and if you have been turned down for a loan you can get a free one with the turndown letter. You need this so you know what is on your credit report and you know your credit score.

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Second, you need to dispute each and every negative item on your credit report. This will help you get an idea of what might be removed. Sometimes businesses go out of business or they forget to verify the account if you dispute it. This is a good way to get a few things removed and repair your credit some.

Last, you need to get a prepaid credit card and pay the $10 a month to get it to report to your credit report. This will give you a positive trade reference, which is very important when you need to get a loan with bad credit.

Now you have the three first steps to getting a loan with bad credit. You will need even more than this, but you can get started with these three steps and once achieved it will be easier for you to get a loan.

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