Bad Credit Loan - A Friend in Bad Times

Bad credit loans are the loans that are offered to those borrowers who have a bad credit history. A bad credit history includes arrears, default, county court judgments, bankruptcy, etc. You acquire a bad credit score when you fail to make payments on time. Late payments are detrimental to your chances of getting a fresh loan. Default in the loan repayment is even worse and must be avoided to keep a clean credit record.

Traditionally, it is believed that lenders do not offer loans to the borrowers with a bad credit history. A borrower with a poor credit rating is considered as a high risk borrower by lenders. This is because such a borrower has defaulted in the past. Even if the lender grants a bad credit loan, he will charge a very high rate of interest to compensate for the risk associated with such a loan. Because of high interest rate, payment of monthly installments becomes unaffordable. Another disadvantage of a bad credit loan is a short loan period. This further increases the amount of monthly installments.

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There has been a change in the attitude of lenders towards bad credit loans. With the saturation of the traditional loan market, lenders are treating bad credit loan market as a big business opportunity. They are offering a variety of bad credit loans to woo prospective customers. With increasing competition, lenders are now offering bad credit loans at reasonable interest rates. A bad credit loan secured against a property will help you get a low rate loan. Homeowners can use their house to obtain a secured bad credit loan. Tenants, however, cannot take advantage of low rate secured loans.

Before applying for a bad credit loan [], you must consider repairing your bad credit score. Close down your unused credit card accounts. If you are unable to repay your loan, contact your creditor and explain your problem. Your creditor might come up with a solution that will help you repay your loan. Your creditor might waive off some of the outstanding loan amount thus improving your credit score. For the lender, getting something is better than getting nothing. You can even take the help of a professional credit counseling agency to repair your credit score.

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